pH Meter Comparison Chart


The pH of various solutions were being measured using different methods and are illustrated in the chart above.


Both the pH meter made by us and the commercial pH meter changes linearly with the pH.

The pH meter made by us have a value slightly higher than the real pH hence minor adjustments need to be made so that the pH meter is as accurate as possible.

Method Used

The three methods used are namely:
1) Using a commercial pH meter from the Water and Environmental Lab.
2) Using the pH meter made by us.
3) Extrapolating using solutions with known pH value.

Solution Used

The solutions used were:
a) Coke
b) Carnberry Juice
c) Lime Juice
d) Tomato Juice
e) Coffee
f) Milk
g) Commercial Solution (pH 7)
g) Egg
i) Soap Water
j) Commercial Solution (pH 10)

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