Semester 2 Week 1 To 3


This week is CA3 so we are trying to complete the pumps testing and circuits in order to present it during CA3.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Research online for pumps and purchase the smallest one.

2) Build a temporary system because the old one is using too much solution.

3) Test the new pumps with the old circuits.

4) Test the whole system.

5) Control part included.

6) CA3 presentation.

Lessons learnt and reflections:

After using the big and bulky valves. We realized that we should look for the smallest and lightest pump so that we can improve the outlook of the system. I managed to find a very small pump used in computer cooling system and bought it to test.

The pump works perfectly with the old circuits. The only problem with the pump is it need a kick start voltage of 100% then it can be lower to around 30%. This will cause the system to be very jerky and waste a lot of solution when the control system is fluctuating between the pH set point.

I made a temporary system to test the circuit because the old one is consuming too much solution. Along the way Chris also designed another container but it is not tested yet so it will not be used for CA3. The new container uses lesser solution and it has a nicer outlook.

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