Semester Break


After we are done with all the testing of the probe circuits. Its time we start on the actual system. We need to decide on what to use ie. valves or pump and the container for the solution.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Research online for other pumps.

2) Research online for suitable material and container.

3) Decided on the design to use for the system.

4) Build the system to house the pump and container.

5) Build and test the drain system in the container

6) Test entire system with the valve circuits and PCB.

Lessons learnt and reflections:

The biggest problem we face with the valves is the low flow rate. The pH control settling time is being limited by the valves. There are many other issues with the valves that we are using. The way the valves are design is the liquid must be on top of the system in order for the valves to work. This is not very desirable because the system will become top heavy and looks very bulky at the top. This will make the system unbalance and ugly.

Another main problem with the valves is the high current it require. When toggling between off and on mode, the valves draw large current from the source causing the system to heat up. This is not desirable in the long run.

Hence after a lot of testing. We decided to switch from valves to pumps. The next part of the project will be looking into the usage of pumps and looking for the most suitable pump.

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