Week 0


Week 0 is the beginning of FYP.

Currently i am attached to M ludens to assist them on their project.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Completed relevant readings regarding ddna interactive living media.

2) Met Roger and Janyn to discuss on work i am suppose to do.

3) Met Roshan and Janaka to discussed about the job scope and areas which i can assist them.

4) Started work on soldering the spare slave and master circuits to be shipped over to LA.

Currently the slave circuits are 50% done and due to lack of components, work cannot resume.

Lessons learnt and reflections:

After reading up on the relevant materials, i have improved on my understanding on ddna interactive living media.

I find this project very interesting and full of potential. I hope to complete my M ludens work quickly and start working on the ddna living media project soon.

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