Week 11 To Week 13


Done with the fabrication ad testing of the PCB. Next step is to test the pH probe for response time and compare the probe the commercial pH meter.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Gathered several solutions with known pH.

2) Tested the response time of the pH probe.

3) Tested the pH probe with commercial pH meter.

4) Come up withe new design for the system.

5) Gathered materials to start building the system.

6) Draw PCB for valves circuits

7) Kawaii themed pictures design for Roger.

Lessons learnt and reflections:

The pH response time is very fast. The only problem that we will most probably face is the lag time cause by the valves. Next part of the project is to build the system and model the feedback control of the pH.

The new design will remove 1 more valve from the system which make the system more efficient.

Currently i am testing using 2 type of materials, glass and plastic. The most important feature of the container is to be able to withstand extreme pH and is transparent so the red cabbage can be seen.

Hope to finish the system and get it ready for testing soon.

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