Week 3


Coming to the final stretch for M ludens. Shipping of all materials is due this week. My Task for the week is to help them do the backup using the newly purchased program and aid them in any possible way i can.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Back up hard disk using newly purchased program.

2) Went to the workshop to make a machine part for M Ludens.

3) Attended Lesson by Roger.

4) Photoshop Brochure.

5) Consolidating other parts of the brochure done by other member.

Lessons learnt and reflections:

Learning how to back up hard disk improved my knowledge about software.

Going to the workshop for the first time is challenging because the equipment there are not easy to use and the parts i was required to make have to be exactly the same specifications.

Finance lessons by Roger was as usual very enriching and allow me learn more about money management and common terms used in the Finance World.

I was task to research about how to change the pH level in solutions by using electricity. THe pH level is affected by the amount of H+ ions so by passing electricity, the H+ ions will be ionised and become Hydrogen moleclues and thus changing the pH Level.

Really excited to start on my FYP. I hope i will be able to find relevant information about the pH level changing technique and hope to accomplise my task as soon as possible.

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