Week 7 to Week 10


CA1 demo is over. Received several feedback from Roger and Prof Cheok. Next step of the project is to fabricate PCB and test the response time for the pH probe. Purpose of fabricating the PCB is to make the circuit cleaner and reduce noise from the surrounding. Meanwhile i am working on my part which is the valves.

Task completed this week includes:

1) Discuss and understand how the pH circuit works.

2) Draw PCB for all the circuits required.

3) Fabricate the PCB and solder the Components.

4) Test the PCB to make sure it works.

5) Search for suitable valves which can take extreme pH levels.

6) Test the valves and come up with the circuits.

7) Format DIS paper

8) Kawaii presentation to Roger

Lessons learnt and reflections:

Learn more about the pH indicator that Weicong built. Had a better understanding of how the system, micro processor and the USB connection.

Managed to complete all the PCB fabrication. After several failed attempts, all the circuits are finally working on the PCB. We are ready to go to the lab to test the pH probe with the commercial pH meter.

System building is currently put on hold until we complete all the testing of circuits, which include the pH probe and valves.

The kawaii presentation helped us to understand how human view cuteness and how factors like nature and nurture can affect one's perspective on cuteness.

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